Dear Tattooers,

While we are still waiting to host a real convention in good conditions in Paris, we started working on an unexpected project, and were wondering if you would want to join us:

We are organizing the very first tattoo convention in the metaverse!

We want to bring tattoo art to the digital world and take part in this thriving ecosystem without the constraints COVID has brought to conventions.
As a first step, Tin-tin Tattoos is being launched in Decentraland. One of the major players of the Metaverse where we are building an immersive experience for our visitors and offer them the opportunity to collect exclusive pieces of our art as NFTs.

What is the Metaverse? What is an NFT?

We’re offering you an opportunity to start building your crypto-currency wallet, without investing your money, but your art.

Indeed, you can scan your artwork, and sell them online in a secured way to people from all over the globe!

Your drawing is transformed into an NFT, which will make you cash-in a commission every time it is traded/sold.
In order to be successful, we need to join our effort and make it big  together !

We will ask you to send us a selection of artworks, that we will mint to NFT format via our platform: Tattoo Planetarium.

If you are interested in participating, click on the following link to our registration form:

Like most conventions, the places are limited. We will make a selection of artists to ensure the prestige of the first ever convention in the Metaverse. We will let you know in a week’s time if you have been selected. You will then receive all the participation conditions and intellectual property contract with the financial conditions.

Tin-tin and the Tattoo Planetarium team