My love for tattoos as an art form has always pushed me to put all my efforts and my heart into popularizing this wonderful way of expression.

Because of COVID, I had to stay home and was forced to stop tattooing for the first time of my life.

I had time to think of a new way to experience tattoo art both in real life but also online for all of those who couldn't come to Paris for any reason.

We started by opening my Tattoo Shop on a Metaverse called Decentraland which was a very positive experiment. We decided to look bigger and launch a full virtual tattoo convention with our community of artists.

I am therefore happy to announce that we have brought tattoos to the MetaVerse and that you will be able to visit our event both online and IRL !

Find Tattoo Planetarium in the Metaverse !

What is the Metaverse ?

Many companies have launched virtual reality worlds where you can play games, buy clothing for your online character, explore the galaxy to other virtual worlds. All of these virtual reality world together form The Metaverse.

We chose Decentraland because you can personalize your avatars with NFT with NFTs sold on their Marketplace. Moreover, it is a free platform, open source and decentralized.

You can visit Decentraland as a guest or by connecting with a wallet.

Tattoo Planetarium 2022

It's a 3D world as large as Luxembourg, still in beta test version, check your settings before you try !

Come visit now !

What are NFTs ?

NFTs are encrypted certificates of authenticity that let you possess a unique piece of the internet.
Flash NFT Tattoo

The technology is perfect for tattoos because it allows to create a unique design certified on the Ethereum blockchain.

If you buy one of our NFTs, we highly recommend you store it offline on a Ledger !

Avatars are your identities in the Metaverse

NFTs associated to your avatar are elements defining this identity.

Nos artistes graphistes en 3D peuvent tatouer tous vos NFT sur des Avatars, la transaction se fera en MANA, la monnaie de Decentraland.


Les POAP sont des NFT gratuits permettant d’attester de votre participation à un événement réel ou virtuel.

Les liens pour obtenir le POAP sont dans le Metaverse et à l’entrée de la grande Halle en Novembre.

Join our community backstage on Discord for quick answers on NFTs and the Metaverse.