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Is admission free for people who get a tattoo at the Tattoo Planetarium ?2022-09-22T15:45:18+02:00

There is no invitation for visitors who get tattooed during the Tattoo Planetarium. Getting tattooed and payment thereof is a matter concerning only the tattoo artists and their clients. You may buy your ticket in advance, or on site (see above in FAQ : « How can I buy a ticket ? »).

How to enter the Tattoo Planetarium if I have an appointment at opening hours ?2022-09-22T15:44:57+02:00

People with tattoo appointments at opening hours can ask their tattoo artist (or the artist’s assistant) to pick them up at the entrance, and skip the line. In this case, please bring your presale ticket to the “invitations” counter. Doors open for tattoo artists at 11:00 am.

This exceptional access is exclusively allowed to people who have an appointment at the beginning of the day.

How to get a tattoo during the Tattoo Planetarium ?2022-09-22T15:46:25+02:00

> By Appointment :

Contact an artist directly (we provide a list of participating artist, with a sample of their work and contact details).

Due to high demand, we recommend contacting them well ahead of time. Be sure to detail your tattoo project with them.

We do not manage the artists' appointments !

3° En fonction de votre demande et de sa disponibilité, le tatoueur vous répondra afin de vous indiquer ses éventuelles possibilités.

> By « Walk-in » :

A number of artists accept walk-in appointments (typically with one of the artist’s designs, prepared for the occasion). Once again, we do not manage the artists’ appointments.

REMINDER : It is illegal to tattoo a minor (anyone under 18 years), without their parent or legal guardian's written consent. For any tattoo on a minor, the presence of their parent or legal guardian is absolutely necessary for the signature of a consent sheet. Proof of identification for both the parent/legal guardian and the minor is absolutely necessary.

Can we take pictures ?2022-09-22T15:39:44+02:00
Yes, as long as you have permission from the people you are photographing, and respect intellectual property rights. Publishing photos for commercial use without permission is forbidden. For any professional inquiry, please contact our press office.
Can we leave the venue, and come back, during the day ?2022-09-22T15:39:26+02:00

Yes, you you will get a bracelet that will allow you to exit and enter at your convenience, until 10pm on Friday and Saturday, and 5pm on Sunday. However, you must keep the bracelet on - if removed, or tampered with, it is no longer valid.

Can we drink or eat on site ?2022-09-22T15:39:00+02:00

Yes. There are food trucks and bars at the venue.

Can I come with a dog ?2022-09-22T15:38:28+02:00
No animal is accepted inside the venue, in accordance with current health regulations.
Is there a coat check ?2022-09-22T15:36:08+02:00
There is a coat check available on site (2 euros) if you wish to enjoy the convention hands free. If you are travelling from abroad and have luggage, please note the venue does not authorise any luggage larger than a "cabin sized bag". The coat check is for any bag or coat that has been allowed inside the venue.
Is it free for children ?2022-09-22T15:35:42+02:00
With proof of identity at the entrance, access is free for accompanied children under 12 years.
Are there discounted rates ?2022-09-22T15:35:10+02:00

Discounted rates apply for visitors aged 12-16, with proof of identity at the entrance :

Friday : 20 euros

Saturday : 20 euros

Sunday : 18 euros

3-Day Pass : 40 euros


Ces tarifs réduits sont identiques en pré-vente ou le jour J.

How much does a ticket cost ?2022-09-22T15:34:45+02:00

You can buy a single one day ticket or a 3-Day ticket :

Friday & Saturday : 30 euros presale > 32 euros on site*

Sunday : 25 euros presale > 27 euros on site*

3-Day Pass : 60 euros presale > 65 euros on site*


* Presale tickets can be purchased in advance online (via our website, or other vendors).

As of Friday, you can still buy tickets online, or directly at the venue.

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